To say I’m amazed at your love seems almost unfair
When you have purposely tried to show me you care
Yet my heart has remained stone cold at best
Disregarding you and isolating you with all the rest
Because my lack of trust for the human kind
Has somehow invaded not only my mind
But has meticulously devoured my heart
Causing it to question, quiver and dart
Back inside the titanium box that it resides
Trying to protect it on every side
Peaking out every now and then for someone to show
It the love it longs to feel and know
Still clueless to the fact your there
With outstretched arms saying “I’ve Been Right Here”
All this time, waiting on ME
To realize my purpose, my destiny
Oh God how you amaze me with your orchestrated plan
And your wisdom too much for me to understand
How even in times when I’ve ignored your call
You waited patiently in the midst of it all
Giving me what I’ve needed and longed for most
Love encompassing until I must boast
About the power, love and grace divine
That has simply, literally blown my mind
Not to a state of non-existence
But one of the realization that now in this instance
Beyond all my dreams and flesh, I am existing


I am uniquely and unequivocally me. A mother of two sons, a wife, a caregiver, woman of God, not necessarily in that order. God is definitely the head and first of my life, because with out Him I would not be. I have been writing poetry since I was able to spell words and read. Most times as an outlet for what ever situation I was in at the time. My deepest desire has always been to write a story that will help someone;s journey be a lot easier. To heal the world with words, not destroy it with them. This is my journey to my destiny. Do you really see me and what is hidden behind my smile? Do you really care about the heart that beats inside? So what if I’m not hood, or ghetto as some So what if I’m overweight and my hair is short Don’t hate on my upbringing because it’s not what you may think Who cares if I get my hands and toes done? For none of that stuff makes up the woman that lies within The big dark brown eyes, the little ears, the pretty smile The voluptuous breast, the big round booty, oh you feel me now Not the long, thunderous brown legs, fingers or this big old nose None of these things help to make up this woman’s worth What lies within is a heart of gold That would give you the world on a silver platter If you believed in her and chased stars with her Watched sunsets, and sunrise, listened to poetry, and Mozart If you could cater to some of her needs at least pretend to care Be her lover and her friend; tell her jokes even when darkness ends Whisper sweet nothings just because, say I love you and not fear you’d fall Take her to heaven at least once a week, treat her special and call her friend Love her like she’s the only one, and hold her tight when were done Pray with her, eat with her, sleep with her, and dance until morning comes If only someone saw what lies within.

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